Grass Seeds

Below is a guide of grass seeds that we carry and recommend for the Albuquerque and surrounding area.

Annual Rye Grass

Good for quick cover, can be used as a green manure.
Annual, year-round grass


Hulled and Sahara (coated) mix.
Short turf, drought resistant and heat loving, somewhat invasive.
Warm season grass.

Blue Grama*
Clumping, drought resistant.
Warm season grass.

Buffalo Grass*

Mix of Texoka and Primed.
Drought resistant, thin bladed. Water once a week and mow 3 times a year once establsihed.
Warm season grass.

Creeping Red Fescue

Narrow bladed fescue, very durable. Good for shade.
Cool season grass

Fawn Tall Fescue

Wide bladed fescue, very durable. Good for shade.
Cool season grass

Kentucky Bluegrass Midnight

Lush and green. Not for heavy traffic.
Cool season grass

Park Blend

Mix of Perennial Ryegrass Cabo II, Tall Fescue Tanzania and Kentucky Bluegrass Midnight.
Very durable.
Cool season grass.

Find more information about Park Blend here.

Perennial Ryegrass Quickstart

Quick starting grass. Provides ground shade.
Cool season grass

Santa Fe Trail*

Mix of Blue Grama, Indian Ricegrass (Paloma), Western Wheatgrass (Arriba), Sideoats Grama (Vaughn), Galleta (Viva), Buffalograss (Texoka, Primed), Alkali Sacaton, Sheep Fescue and Little Bluestem (Pastura).
Good choice for all altitudes above 5,000 feet, long grass.
Warm season grass.

Shady Lawn Mix

Mix of Kentucky Bluegrass VNS, Creeping Red Fescue Borcal and Perennial Ryegrass Cabo II.
Good for shade and durable.
Cool season grass

Shorty Blend Tall Fescue/ Bonsai

Medium blade grass, durable for high traffic. Semi-drought tolerant.
Cool season grass

White Dutch Clover

Groundcover. Can be mixed with other grass seeds if desired.

Zanzibar Tall Fescue

Tall fescue, durable. Uses less water and is good for shade.
Cool season grass

*Indicates Native Grass for New Mexico