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Garden Center

Osuna Nursery is a family-owned local garden center for those seeking creative ideas and unique products for outdoor and indoor living. The 6-acre Osuna grounds are filled with trees, shrubs, conifers, annuals, perennials, veggies, fountains, designer pottery and much more. The nursery is proud to claim our very own Growing Yard where “Osuna Grown” perennials & herbs are brought to life the Osuna way.

When it comes to gardening & landscaping, many New Mexicans have become accustomed to Osuna Nursery. Osuna Nursery’s diverse palette of services truly defines the term “one-stop” shopping experience. The nursery offers delivery & planting, landscaping consultations, plant maintenance & Interiorscapes, a full-service pharmacy, floral studio and an educational program called ‘Osuna University.’

Bedding House

Blooms, fragrance & color… The Osuna Bedding House is abundantly stocked with an endless selection of annuals, perennials, bulbs, bare root roses, herbs, fruit racks, veggies and so much more. Osuna Nursery is where you will find a vast array of nursery items & rare plants. We place careful attention to detail in our item selection, and strive to deliver THE highest quality. Osuna Nursery also has the largest selection of seeds in New Mexico!


Create a healthy environment & keep the air in your home “springtime fresh” year round. Osuna Nursery has the largest greenhouse with the widest selection of houseplants, tropicals & succulents in the Southwest.

    • Indoor Display Garden
    • Indoor tropicals & plants
    • House Plants
    • Succulents
    • Tropical Fruit Trees
    • Bonsai Plants
    • Orchids
    • Re-potting Service
    • Indoor Cactus
    • Large Palm Trees
    • Carniverous Plants
    • Terrarium Plants
    • African Violets
    • Orchids

Native/Xeriscape Plants

Indigenous plants make priceless contributions to our land’s ecosystem and Osuna Nursery is committed to preserving & protecting our precious earth. Native Plants thrive a little easier on their own turf, require less water and endure the hot sun making less work for us gardeners. The plants will also become drought tolerant once established and is perfect for our New Mexican enviornment, especially during our drought. Take a look at Osuna Nursery’s Native Gardens and adorn your landscape with a natural theme and open an invitation for native birds & butterflies.

    • Cactus, Brooms, Yuccas
    • Heat-loving perennials
    • Drought Tolerant Plants

Trees & Shrubs

Osuna Nursery has Fruit Trees, Shade Trees & Ornamentals too…Aspens, Ash & Conifers- just to name a few…the list goes on & on! Apple, Apricot, Flowering Plum or Cherry; Golden Chain, Thundercloud, Bonita Ash or Jujube… Osuna Nursery has your Trees & flowering shrubs! Like the seasons, our tree inventory is ever changing.

    • Evergreen Trees
    • Deciduous Trees
    • Fruit Trees
    • Ornamental Fruit Trees
    • Flowering Shrubs


Located inside Osuna Gallery, fine décor, collectibles, seasonal items and nature from select vendors all over the world are brought together in a unique, coordinated presentation that compliments and enhances their value and inspires the consumer.

    • Silks
    • Decorative accents
    • Collectibles
    • Unique gifts
    • Fountains
    • Pottery
    • Talavera
    • Statuary
    • Yard Art
    • Beautiful furniture